Can of Ass – LIVE!

COA was so well received by the volunteers of Trivia, the GP was asked to do an infomercial to promote it even further. Thanks, Skip! The script was hastily written and was intended for two people so that Skip Marks (the pitchman) had someone to talk to. The first live airing was done with two people on the Sunday afternoon of Trivia. UTVS wanted to do a second live airing in the hour between the end of the contest at 7 p.m. and the awards ceremony but Skip’s side-kick couldn’t stay.

That forced Captain F. to rewrite the script for one person and deliver it basically cold. Having never written a TV script before, the re-worked script had theatrical pauses in the form of carriage returns. However when the script was loaded in the teleprompter the breaks disappeared. This being the second time ever using a teleprompter, (the first being three hours earlier) Captain F. had to try and remember where he put the pauses. It didn’t go that well as phrasing takes a beating as Skip delivers his lines.

Other obstacles made the bit a train wreck (although it was partially the point that this infomercial was supposed to be amateurish by design) including the fact that the UTVS crew had just been on the air for 50 hours and there was really no one to give Captain F. cues of when to talk. The headset he wears is not attached to anything, and by the magic of TV you can see the Can Of Ass floating in the lower right corner of the screen, and sometimes the arm of Digital Dave.

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