Fast Eddie

Meet Fast Eddie. He’s the one your mother always warned ewe about. He specializes in doing rosies in hotel parking lots, breaking wind while in control of the car windows, and crop dusting at KVSC. One of FE’s lifelong goals is to design a Buck Roger’s style jetpack fueled solely by methane. If anyone could get it done, it would be FE – unless of course, his brother, Digital Dave, beats him to it.

Fast Eddie is a big fan of the movie “Airplane”, but also enjoys a good gladiator flick. He also likes practical jokes, and gets others to laugh along at his jokes – sometimes. Considered by some to be a deep thinker and a spiritual talent, FE performs his interpretation of Elvis’s karate moves every year for the staff of KVSC .

Fast Eddie is also a videographer and has, on occasion, video recorded some of the posse antics at KVSC. Shhh! Don’t tell him about EweTube.


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