1998 – “Trivia Sells Out” Synopsis

In the 1990s, the Posse never really saved many of its challenge line calls, mostly because they took calls to entertain themselves.  This year’s theme spurred many creative scripts aping current commercials of the day and pitches for products that are uniquely trivia. It would also be the year that The Goat Posse got its name.

I can borrowed from a Gatorade Superbowl commercial a few weeks earlier, and served as a catharsis for Captain F.’s sorrow over a Green Bay loss in the big game.  KV Be was a brilliant script, composed by Dude and Robin, who also delivered the lines. Uncle Corn Beanie Baby was inspired by several things, but they are just to horrible to describe. The year was rounded out with a Top Ten list regarding a randomly selected hour. It would seem that the Posse was the only group that got they joke that there was not significance to Hour 43.

The Posse was having fun this year and didn’t realize people had been listening.  At the award’s ceremony, when the Posse still sat in the audience somewhat unattached to the behind-the-scenes Trivia machinery, they received their name.  Station Manager Jo McMullen in her opening remarks singled out “Fareed and his Posse” (Since she couldn’t recall at that moment who that all entailed) for all the “great bits they produced this year”.  It was after this moment that this group would be known as “The Goat Posse”.

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