2009 – “XXX Trivia: 30 Years of Trivia Lovin'”

XXX Trivia: 30 Years of Trivia Lovin’ was a reunion not only for KVSC’s trivia contest but the return of old friends for The Goat Posse 2009:  The Return of Dude.  Dude was one of the charter members marking his first Posse participation in 1996.  His creative, mischievous writing style is present in many of the skits and Top Ten lists over the years.  After 2004, Dude took a break from the Posse to pursue solo work.  The Posse welcomed him back this year with open wool.

For 2009, Dude partnered once again with Phal to write Love Stink, the latest send-up in the KVSC trivia fake music collection infomercial series “Stink Rock”.   Phal and Dude first teamed up in 2004 to write Wedding Stink, the Posse’s first “Stink Rock” offering.   2006’s Celebrity Stink and 2007’s Lip Stink were solid efforts, however, the good and bad from the previous “Stink Rock” efforts by the Posse were incorporated in or excised from this year’s Love Stink and is by far the best yet.  (More…)