2001 – “Night of the Living Trivia”

The  Posse was quite disappointed that the Trivia Gods chose this theme this year.  Honoring Kubrick’s masterpiece would have been a fitting theme and not cliche.  Regardless, in 2001 Captain F. took a whole new approach to creating the intro.  Up until this time there really wasn’t a philosophy behind how it should be constructed. The only rule is that it needed to create excitement like a sporting event.  For a deeper explanation regarding the genus of “The Intro” see the entry below.

The challenge line calls worth saving featured a sprinkling of submissions from the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies. 2001 also signaled the end of an era as the Posse stopped combining challenge line calls before sending them to be played on-air.  Since the digital age had firmly established itself, the old habits left over from the cart (8-trak tape style device) days slowly faded away. (More…)