2018 – “Codename: Trivia – Strategies, Secrets, and Spies”

By now you have had it with spies, intrigue, decoder rings etc., so we will spare you any more puns. The Goat Posse measures it’s yearly satisfaction by the fullness of it’s collective hearts…um sorry got sentimental for a second.

Folks, we produced a crap-ton of audio for you to enjoy ON DEMAND. In addition to the core Posse, there were at least 10 Friend of Posse (FoPs) producers, writers, performers that helped or created productions this year.

You will find their names in the credits of our various offerings. Look for some of them to appear next year in the “Meet the Posse” section of this Goat portal.

Some of the audio you might enjoy involve new ways enemies are trying to torture information out of Agent Posse Galore, in two parts no less! There is some sort of bit about Russian nursemaids and PornHub for Spies… (More…)