2020 – “It’s About Time”

2020 – It’s About Time is an appropriate theme for the Goat Posse because this year’s productions were tinged in the past, but also show the future of our group.

The Intro will never reach a final form, but we are really happy with its current structure. Opening thesis, thematic sections, and then a furious finish with the “intro within an intro”. It concludes with a toss to the hosts who don’t know how it ends, which is why the studio reaction video has become a recent feature.

This year’s intro featured the highest number of producers while including many of the Posse “kids”. These “kids” are growing up fast, and have proven to be self-starters, producing a fair amount of the Posse catalog this year.


  • 2020 – Intro – “It’s About Time”

    This year’s theme was a bit challenging to present because, if someone asks, ‘What is the definition of time?’, do you have an answer? Finding the audio and a cogent structure to present the theme was a similar experience. Coco and Drrty A made the effort much easier through their superior organization and all the producers actually submitted their sections on-time.

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  • 2020 – Intro – “It’s About Time” (Air-check version)

    Always our favorite way to listen, with an introduction by Princess Buttercup, and reactions from Jo McMullen and Program Director Sam.

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  • 2020 – Intro Reaction Video

    Because it’s radio, often you don’t get to see how your audience reacts to your work. The in-studio video is a way to see what transpires behind the scenes at KVSC during the last few minutes before Trivia.

    Special thanks for UTVS‘s Gavin for shooting this video.

    Editor: Oates

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  • It’s About Time – Year in Review

    Despite what Trivia 2020 might have been selling, you can’t time travel, but you can reminisce. There was much to wax nostalgic about what was heard on the airwaves and Intertubes. After so many hours on the air, many were sounding wibbily wobbily, The McMullen was rude to a pig, something about girthy points, and a big struggle to spell the name, Michael.

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  • 2020 Awards Ceremony – UTVS Broadcast

    Every once in awhile, we include a quick backstory of the Trivia Awards, started at some point in the first or second decade of Trivia. They reached a creative nadir with Al Neff and Patrick Jaye. The Goat Posse at first started helping with the writing of the awards in the 2000s, and eventually took over full-time responsibility after being apprenticing under Al and Patrick.

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  • 2020 Goat Posse Awards Presentation
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 1
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 2
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 3
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 4
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 5
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 6
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 7
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 8
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 9
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 10
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 11
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 12
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 13
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 14
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 15
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 16
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 17
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 18
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 19
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 20
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 21
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 22
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 23
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 24
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 25
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 26
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 27
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 28
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 29
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 30
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 31
    AwardCeremony2020_MASTER 32

    For many years the Trivia Awards were written longhand and read aloud. The Goat Posse started trying and scripting the presentation. Either way, they were never curated except in audio and video presentations. A few years ago, Dude started raising the production value of the awards with visuals.

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