2008 – “Vote Trivia ’08”

Vote Trivia ’08 was an easy theme for The Posse to grasp, especially the rhetoric minded Captain F.  He started the Posse effort out right with a heavily loaded INTRO, full of politically minded quotes, including the words of the current presidential candidates that year.  It was also marked Captain F.’s 15th year as a trivia volunteer which he saluted with a special presentation at the awards ceremony.

On the Challenge Line, the Posse was heavy into the skits including a spoof promo for a reality series So You Want To Be A Presidential Candidate.  Posse audio theater featured a skit about voters competing to see if they are smarter than a presidential candidate.  The results were not surprising.  It was not a good year for challenges as the team fell flat, as did the Posse call-in contest: Trivia’s Best Campaign Pledge.  It was a follow on to the previous year’s Trivia Idol, but never garnered a single entry. (More…)