2021 – “Trivia At Play”

This is a tale of two Trivias. Because of COVID and the re-formating of the contest to fit remote volunteers, the Posse tried to do as much pre-production of our usual frivolity before the starting gun so that we could be available to work phone shifts if needed. IT WAS NEEDED.

It was so unlike us to be organized, but we were. The intro had no less than seven producers and with the usual mastering by Coco and Drrrty A, and was “in the can” an entire week ahead of time. It took all his strength for Captain F not to try and tinker with it.

The pre-planning also allowed the balance of the songs and skits to be completed ahead of time. Many of the skits feature great writing by FoP Alan, Oates, Cobby, Dubs, and Drrrty A.


  • 2021 – Intro – “Trivia at Play”

    We truly enjoy producing this hype piece every year. Of note is that a record seven different Posse producers significantly contributed to this production. Also incredible that it was “in the can” a week before it was set to air. This is an amazing feat considering that the final mastering producers Coco and Drrty A had many other non-Posse Trivia duties and full-time jobs.

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  • 2021 – Intro – “Trivia at Play” – Air Check

    The Intro can be enjoyed at any time, but they are scientifically designed to be played only once, at a specific time, just before the contest for maximum effect. Hear how it was deployed this year to get our players and volunteers “ready 2 go”.

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  • YIR: Trivia At Play

    The Year In Review is like creating the intro, except under an even tighter deadline. We have about five months to create the Intro, but only about six hours to produce the YIR. Historically, the source of audio for this piece would be challenge line calls, productions, and occasionally audio from On-Air. The Challenge line died a slow, agonizing death about five to seven years ago. The on-air “skimmer” (which records what is broadcast) only worked sporadically, often taking a break a few hours into the contest, and was a low priority for a reset by the engineers.

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  • 2021 Awards Ceremony – UTVS Broadcast

    In April of 2020, KVSC held a mini trivia marathon to help us all through the first COVID lockdown. The contest was entirely virtual and only a scaled down awards ceremony was held. This year was the first time a full, an entirely online ceremony was held, with only the question writers presenting from the Ritchie Auditorium as a symbolic presence. Thank you to UTVS for broadcasting this ceremony.

    Video courtesy UTVS

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  • 2021 Goat Posse Awards Presentation

    For many years, the Trivia Awards were written longhand and read aloud. As the interplay between contestants – as well as the volunteers – moved to social media, screengrabs became a necessary part of our awards. Dude, over the last five years, has been designing and producing our award slide show. We present it here as it was a visual that was usually only available to those who attended the awards ceremony in person.

    Desgin: Dude

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  • We’ve Got a Trivia Team

    Well, it’s not the Carpenters, or Captain and Tennille, or even Donny and Marie; rather Phal and Fluffer is the perfect joining of two vivid innuendos for a sweet, memorable song about your average Trivia team. As you listen, you might actually believe that Randy Newman and Bob Dylan are brothers, or maybe the same person! Have we been lied to all these years?

    Producer: Coco
    Vocals: Phal
    Lyrics: Fluffer

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  • Toys

    You like the movie “Toys”? Imagine if Jordan Peele got a crack at the script. This would be the soundtrack. Sleep well!

    Producer: Coco, Cougar Bait
    Vocals: Honey Trap, Oates
    Lyrics: Oates, Honey Trap, Drrrty A

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  • Toys (Radio Edit)

    You like the movie “Toys”? Imagine if Jordan Peele got a crack at the script. This would be the soundtrack. Sleep well! This version is safe for Jism Mom and her offspring.

    Producer: Coco, Cougar Bait
    Vocals: Honey Trap, Oates
    Lyrics: Oates, Honey Trap, Drrrty A

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  • Bad Cheater

    A tremendously thematic parody that talks about the laments of dealing with a cheater. But let’s be real here: while they did a wonderful job, just look at the writing credits. Oates is just trying to grab some glory while not leaving his comfort zone. We Darryl you to check his playlist, you’ll find only a whitebread but sensational songwriting duo from the mid-’80s.

    Producer: Coco, Cougar Bait, Pokéjohn
    Vocals: Honey Trap, Oates
    Lyrics: Honey Trap, Coco, Oates, Alan

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  • Bravo Burrito

    This is one of those songs that was born of inspiration, but Dubs suffered for her art. After having dinner at her favorite burrito place, she went to bed. Then sometime around 2:32 a.m., she started to uncomfortably shift in bed. She felt a gurgling in her belly and a mild burning in her chest. She sat up and let out a small burp. After staggering down the stairs to find some Tums, she raced to find a notebook and repeatedly belched the words to this song all over the page. Days later she recovered enough to sing an excellent ode to her culinary love.

    Producer: Coco
    Vocals: Dubs
    Lyrics: Dubs

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  • I Am Out

    Producer: FoP Casey
    Vocals: FoP Janna
    Lyrics: Coco, Drrrty A, FoP Alan, Honey Trap, Oates,

    We are not sure if these are are the original lyrics to a Dua Lipa song but a slew of Goat Posse writers insist it is thus. Let’s just humor them for a moment and say that they are. Then you have a song about a woman spurned who feels like a third wheel to her man and his toys. I’d say that’s a love song if ever there were.

    Besides the herd of writers, the song is pulled off by the dynamic songbirding and producing duo of FoP Casey and FoP Janna. For their efforts this year and previous, along with FoP Alan they received an officious honor. See the synopsis for the good news!  Song lyrics after the jump.

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