2024 – “Camp Trivia”

The 2024 Goat Posse Trivia effort was staffed by a strong combination of naturalists, hired guides, and maybe a burly, hairy lumberjack.

We wished the nights were spent more outside as that many bodies in a small space with intermittent bathing was a challenge.

Quality was the theme this year as some fantastic productions were spread across our usual categories. We were not volume shooters this year.

Charter Posse Member Dude brought along his oldest progeny to sing on I Forget, a modification of a Linkin Park joint. Skinny D brought by ANOTHER original Hip Hop creation. Daseem and Dubs both starred in major productions, one of which is a love song to Gypsy. See the video section for its international debut.

Another theme-based series of productions is the Camp Announcements that seem a little bit off. There are original and Safe Harbor versions to enjoy. Plus, the Left Fern of that “Between” series gets caught in a lie, Jam-Ooh! comes creeping around again, and Dr. Beard commits a TMNT sin.

We could go on, but we encourage you to get lost in the audio woods!


  • 2024 – Intro – “Camp Trivia”

    Produced by: Coco, Dirty A, Cobby, dubs, Oates, BA, Captain F

    In a year of transition at KVSC, we kept the Trivia Intro constant in its form and function. The Goat Posse continued its joyous multi-Goat collaboration with final mastering by Dubs in the final hours before air.

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  • 2024 – Intro – “Camp Trivia” – Air Check

    This version of the Intro was a transition using old traditions with new players. After tossing to Jo McMullen and the current Program Director since 2001, this year Jim Gray and new Station Manager Dan Seeger had the honor and also received the usual “treatment” from the Goat Posse. Welcome Dan, you put on a great contest!

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  • YIR: Camp Trivia

    Producer: Oates

    A lovely panoply of sounds from Trivia including Goat Posse bits, On-Air announcer sincerity along with the struggles, and a sample of what it sounds like when teams are trying to answer questions.

    Putting together a production like this is tedious, but usually under a deadline. For the last several years Oates has performed this task admirably.

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  • 2024 Goat Posse Awards Presentation
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  • Bigfoot (Bigfeet)

    Vocals: Skinny D
    Old Man: FoP Dr. Beard
    Beat: Heatmiser
    Production: Reed Benjamin & Skinny D

    “I’ve done some research. They are actually time travelers. But they are not of our dimension so that’s why we can’t shoot at them.”

    Those are the words of Skinny D, expressing deeply held beliefs and part of the inspiration for Bigfoot (Bigfeet) an original Hip Hop joint he created.

    “I f#$K with Bigfoot. I f&%k with this beat”, he added.

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  • I Forget

    Producer: Pokéjon
    Lyrics: Dude
    Vocals: KoP Urban, Bear

    I Forget explores one of the basic dilemmas and frustrations of a Trivia, knowing an answer but forgetting it. In a Goat Posse debut, Urban Hudoba, Kid of Posse Dude lends his vocal dexterities with the backing of Linkin Park. It also includes the harmonic vocal grunting of Bear.

    In a triumphant return after some years away, Pokejohn used his professional audio producer talents to polish this production. It was the first of several joints he mastered this weekend.

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  • I’m a Volunteer

    Producer: Pokéjon
    Lyrics: Dazeem, Coco, Captain F
    Vocals: Dazeem, FoP Tessa

    The summer of 2023 saw a rare demonstration of the war of blockbuster movies as Barbie and Oppenheimer battled for supremacy. Such wars have not really been seen since the 1990s which is the same decade that inspired one of this year’s songs: I’m a Volunteer.

    I’m a Barbie Girl debuted in 1997 and it was the perfect combination of dance synth and bubblegum Pop which embodied the music of that era. Transposing this to Trivia Volunteers, the limitless enthusiasm and dedication to the Trivia Ethos is a paean to both the original song and the 2023 film.

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  • Smokin’ Weed with Gypsy

    Producer: Pokéjon
    Lyrics: dubs, Oates, Coco, Cobby, FoP Beard, Jam-Oooh!, B.A., Drrrty A, Pissboy
    Vocals: Dubs
    Cats: Oates, Fop Beard, Dazeem, Coco
    SFX: FoP Glavin, FoP Beard
    “Nice”: Honey Trap

    Gypsy McGreevy, a longtime Friend of Posse, has plenty of, and we’re being generous here, personality markers. His ebullient On-Air presence is just an extended arm of his personal habits, and hoo boy they are all over the place.

    With the help of inspiration from Sheryl, we have created not only a look into the kink, um, hidden agenda, er side of Gypsy, but also a tribute to his Gypsyness.

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  • Triviastruck

    Producer: Pokéjon
    Lyrics: Phal, Bear, FoP Joe
    Vocals: Bear
    Bleats: Dazeem, Dude, Phal, Bear, Jam-Ooh!

    In 1996 and 1997, Captain F plied the Minnesota roads during all seasons DJing dances at bars, weddings, reunions and the oft birthday party for a 40-year-old, who’s older guests felt threatened by Haddaway’s ‘What is Love’.

    All that is to say, the Captain often blazed home in the Minnesota darkness, popping in a cassette of Thunderstruck from DJ music library to blow off the exhilaration and rage of the previous four hours.

    Why, would he go out each weekend and re-torture himself only to seek the solace from magnetic alignments on a cassette? It’s the same reason Trivia Players come back each year and experience rage, joy, angst, and nirvana all at the same time because they, are, Triviastruck!

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