2003 – “Viva Las Trivia”

By Saturday of Trivia (Day 2) the challenge line was in its usual funk, not because of the smells, but due to a lackluster showing by teams.  The usual “Get this next question right” challenges had started to sour the mood of the Posse.  Then the name Brad Olson would change everything.  In an ABC TV mini-series of challenges that stretched to four episodes, Brad Olson went from sought-after free agent to pariah who was less desirable than a Baby Ruth in a pool. Brad’s role would be prolific as he even found is way into the year’s only skit, The Joe Hustler School of Trivia Points Gambling.

The intro used a relational module form employing such subject headings as “Hive of Scum and Villainy”, “Greed”, “Money”, “Vegas”, “Elvis”, “Sex”, and “Show Business” woven with both producer-favored techno and some off the wall selections.  Although a favorite of Captain F.’s, this is to this point the only time he has used KVSC’s G. Gordon Liddy ID in a production, for Trivia or elsewhere. (More…)

  • 2003 – Intro – “Viva Las Trivia”

    The intro truly grew in size and scope this year and the theme made it easy to find a wide array of clips to use. It was constructed with six main parts as well as extended intro and outro sections. Elvis figured prominently as well as a KVSC ID from the band Beracunin. That ID was used again in 2007 and it hastened the move to internally produced IDs for the intro and even greater focus on the ending. The music also was wide-ranging as the techno-centric producer considered other genres to back the clips. Here is a trivia question: What movie did the Telly Savalas clip come from? Feel free to send in your answers to the webmaster

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