2000 – “T2Kaos”

The was the year before the “modern” intros began and while some sort of introductory production was planned a different trivia audio project used up all the pre-trivia production time and energy of Captain F. and Wildman.  Call The Challenge Line was an original piece written by Wildman based on a popular newspaper column put to music by Baz Lurhman and released as the single “Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen”.  The original column was a commencement address to the today’s youth if the columnist had been asked to give one.  More details about how the Posse version was put together can be found below.

2000 was also one of the last years that the original producers of Stink Rock put out a collection.  Porn Rock was by far their most clever offering aside from the original that spawned the legend.  The original producers would release one more collection Southern Fried Stink a year or two later.


  • GPO: Call the Challenge Line

    Baz Lurhmann’s Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen, was the inspiration for this parody. Nimbly written by Wildman, Call the Challenge Line captures the very essence of trivia while remaining maniacally devoted to the rhythms of the original song. Captain F. at this time was working for a large public radio network in Washington State which made pre-trivia production of this piece challenging. (Due to the distance between him and MN based Wildman).

    Captain F. voiced the script, then had to find similar sounding pre-recorded music to ape the gradual shift in the backing accompaniment. (If only he had the resources of the Shake A Hamster Band) The difficulty came in the editing of the piece as this large public radio network had really lame digital editing software. The intricate layering required to produce this piece had to be improvised on a one-track editor best suited for the mono world of news audio.

    The final version was most satisfying; however the whole process left Captain F. exhausted and bogarted any extra time he would have had to produce any sort of INTRO. This year Jo simply had 1999’s 20 Years of Trivia Madness, played again as the lead-in to question one

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