2002 – “Trivia Tube”

The Intro would set the stage for one of the classic challenges put forth since the mid 1990s.  More on that later.  The TV quotes or quotes about the medium were not hard to find.  Captain F. and Wildman would use a historical timeline to layout the theme for Trivia players.  Captain F.’s crush on the music from the film Run Lola Run provides insight into why most of the beds were gleaned from the soundtrack.

The Posse fielded typical, but quality challenges about snowball fights, a challenge from a local business, and a moon walking race.  The snowball fight challenge has been done many times (More…)

  • INTRO: Trivia Tube

    Captain F. and Wildman holed up in a southern Milwaukee county community with Mountain Dew and Cousin’s Subs, plus a whole pile of quotes from television’s past to produce the second of the modern Trivia Intros. The quotes were easy to find and a structure of marching ahead through time was used by punctuating the segments with a ticking clock and speeches from historically known individuals. 2002 was also the year that cemented the Posse rule that a Don Knotts quote is required to be included in each intro.
    Normally the producers like to use a wide sampling of backing music however, save for a small 10 second loop from a track off the Gone in 60 Seconds soundtrack; all the music in this intro is taken from the soundtrack of Run Lola Run. A second version of the intro features built-in KVSC station ids. 2002 would be the last year that station ids would be an afterthought to the contruction of the piece. All subsequent years the transition from intro to trivia announcer would feature obvious references to the merciful “end of the hype” and the “beginning” of the contest.

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  • YIR: Snowman Largess – Remix

    A team calls to offer snowman delivery to other teams. The conversation descends into reminiscing about early ’80s automobiles, which seems ironic since all the call participants were probably too young to have had any conquests in any of the vehicles mentioned. Luckily the call is saved through out of context editing and backed by obscure house music.

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