2016 – “Trivia Cruisin'” Synopsis

2016 brought a nice mix of original productions featuring a new crop of contributing writers and producers.

The year begins with a dramatic reading of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Produced by Piss Boy, he and Bear act out a mis-dial gone horribly wrong. One person is in love, the other in sheer horror and then frustration.

By this year, Jim Gray was inducted into The Goat Posse as Number 2. To celebrate his Jim-ness, Drrty A wrote a car ad that plays to Number 2’s Pontiac fetish. Pissboy and FoP Casey add some production assistance.

Some of the “goat kids” (FoPs) who grew up in our pen surprised us with a production of their own. It’s a peek into a surreal world where Lil Jon and Donald Trump debate policy. This being 2016 no one knew what we know now, Lil Jon should have been a major party nominee.

The Safe Harbor INTRO returned and while it didn’t air on-time it was there in spirit. But the spirit of Goat Posse parody returned anew as another hip-hop song is beautifully disfigured to serve trivial purposes. You’ll have to listen to see how Warren G’s “Regulate” was “improved”

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