2017 – “Trivia Storm: 50-Hours of Torrential Trivia” Synopsis

In 2017 The Goat Posse his all the compulsories, producing the INTRO along with some original sketches, safe harbor meditations and a parody of a popular tune the kids were listening to at the time.

The 2017 weather theme provided a smooth story line to follow in selecting quotes to build the Trivia tension. The INTRO was helmed by CoCo and Drrrty A with major contributions from Piss-boy and an appearance by Rhyminister to perform the “toss”.

During safe harbor the inner most thoughts of Posse members sometimes are expressed by their outside voice.

A new version of the Safe Harbor INTRO explored the parameters of the “safe word” and the the perils of letting your id name inanimate objects.

The Posse underwriting department gets a new client, our Climate; which has something to say about our behavior. Plus the parody section picks a Chainsmokers song to warn about the body at the crossroads of food consumption and age.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Year in Review and the Goat Posse Awards.

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