2022 – “LITerally Trivia: A Novel Idea”

The Goat Possee Library in 2022 was overloaded with pages and pages of ideas for ways to communicate the glory of Trivia. The Intro featured contributions about at least seven goats and was mastered earlier. We note this because we spent two decades playing chicken with 4:50pm on the Friday of Trivia.




  • Got No Time to Talk (I Just Pooped My Pants)

    Ever been chatting and you feel a stirring from within? We feel your feeling. Careful this ditty might get stuck in your turtlehead. It may be Honey Trap and Oates singing the lyrics but three other goats also know what it’s like when you are stuck in a convo and you have to poop. While the base instrumentals are unchanged we did sprinkle in some kazoo from FoP Micheala. Full lyrics after the jump.

    Producer: Pokéjohn, Coco
    Vocals: Honey Trap, Oates
    Lyrics: B.A., Coco, Drrrty A, Oates, Honey Trap
    Kazoo: FoP Michaela

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  • Jo Just Wants to Eat Lunch

    This song has it all: FanGurl 80s pop, Jo McMullen, and half-eaten Chipotle. Born from the collective experience of anyone who has worked at KVSC and hovered at the office door of Station Manager Jo McMullen. The raised finger in the air as she notices you during half-nosh is the signal that her gullet is too stuffed to speak and you should wait or come back later. For Hamster sake, give the woman a moment to eat! Full lyrics after the jump.

    Producer: Thorin CoCo
    Vocals: Dazeem
    Back-up Singers: Dubs, FoP Tessa, FoP Lindsey
    Lyrics: B.A., Buttercup, Coco, Drrrty A, Honey Trap, Jam-Oooh!, Oates

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  • LITerally LIT (Books)

    This song is a Goat Posse original created out of thin air by the producers. It is a merging of two concepts, the first being how Hip Hop artists Travis Scott would explain the concept of books. The second is a call back to “The Pagemaster” a 1994 film where the protagonist passes through a portal and finds himself in a library and must read his way through the classics to find his way home. Lyrics after the jump.

    Producer: FoP Justus, Heatmiser
    Vocals: Skinny D
    Lyrics: Skinny D

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  • Ring Ring

    If you are a veteran phone bank worker you know the Ring Ring that is a constant for 50 hours of trivia. This is a love letter to their struggle. Treat it as historical since the past two years Trivia has used a computerized phone system with headsets and a much more pleasing electronic ring in the headset, but the struggle is the same! Lyrics after the jump.

    Vocals: Dazeem, Oates, and Skinny D
    Lyrics: Lots of Goats
    Producers: Pokéjohn, Coco

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