He is a most troublesome creature. Birthed from the pages of the Urban Dictionary, Cobby is about as useless as the entry that inspired his name.

We’re not sure which of the six definitions he is. Is it a “type of dog body”? A fairly organized librarian? Or he does participate in the art of receiving oral performances whilst playing video games. (he does play A LOT of FPS’s)

Regardless of where you eventually come down on the matter, do you really want to spend more than five minutes with a man who cried over Spiderman’s fate? Likes green olives in any food application other than a martini? Or who admits openly to having a favorite form of potato? (it’s hashbrowns, which is the shittiest)

Don’t get us started on his admiration for Bulbasaur, everyone knows Squirtle is the best!

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