I Just Had Corn!

The inertia for this spoof came during trivia which is the way the Posse prefers to work. In the beginning hours of the contest as the Posse was waiting for challenge line calls that would never come, Mr. Choo Choo rolled in the prod studio and pulled up Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex” on YouTube. After appreciating the video several times, Drrrty A suggested that we spoof this song and soon work began on what would become “I Just Had Corn”.

Dude and Captain F. sat down with the lyrics and began adapting them with maize-tinged adjectives. In the studio the rest of the Posse was gathering the music and auditioning MCs. Dude and The Rhyminister were selected for the rap parts with Phal singing the refrains.

All the individual parts were recorded in the prod studio and a first cut was assembled. The entire posse was underwhelmed, but at the same time news of the project spread throughout Trivia HQ. About this time the Hamsters had vacated the Multi-track studio for the night. This proved to be a boon for the Posse as this studio had just been upgraded with the latest technology which was truly needed to bring this project home.

Jim Gray invited the Posse to the Multi-track and all parts were re-recorded using techniques that actual bands use when making a single. (imagine that!) Phal’s voice, after singing his part repeatedly for over an hour, was having trouble hitting some pitch levels, which partially explains the “off the rails” ending. Another challenge came during post-production as no one in the building had ever applied auto-tune processing to a production.

The effort continued through the night until approximately 6 a.m. when all assembled had other actual trivia duties to attend to. Hours later after sleep had been acquired, Jim “Spector” Gray smoothed out all the edges and it was ready for its world debut during the Posse’s trivia on-air shift Saturday night.


Something delicious happens in the world.
Goat Posse!
You don’t know how to express yourself, so…
Superheroes of Trivia!
You’ve just gotta sing!

I just had corn! And it tasted so good
I scored me a hot cob at the local fair
I just had corn, and I’ll never go back
To the not-eating corn ways of the past

Have you ever had corn? I have it tastes great!
It tastes so good, but got stuck up in my teeth
It just got stuck; it literally happened
Flossing daily helps get these kernels right under my teeth

Never guess where I just came from: I had corn
If I had to describe the flavor: it was the best
When I had corn, man, my taste buds freaked
And I called my DDS right after I was done

Oh hey! Didn’t see you there; guess what I just did
Had corn, got some more, ate that, and tossed the cores
Must have been tasty to do that thing
We added Cajun seasoning; now sing

I just had corn!
And it tasted so good
Creamed corn with salt and drenched in butter
Want to tell the world

To be honest, it was tough to get my mouth all around it
I think I might have eaten too much, but, man, screw it
I ain’t one to argue with a good thing: this could be my life
That good? And I don’t need no stinking knife

I’m so humbled, I’m now such a fan
‘Cause honestly, I eat all this corn right out the can
With that in mind, cream-style ain’t that bad either
I guess you could say that I’m sick on corn fever

So this one’s dedicated to that veggie
That we can shuck and can de-tassle them
If it’s near or far, whether summer or fall
Gonna be knee-high by the 4th of July

I just cooked a new batch
Hey, man, I had corn
But I broke three teeth
Doesn’t matter; had corn
Slopped butter on my pants
Doesn’t matter; had corn
Popped it in the microwave
Still counts!

I just had corn!
And my dreams came true
So if you had corn in the last 30 minutes
Then you’re qualified to sing with me

I just had corn!
And it tasted so good
I scored me a hot cob at the local state fair
I just had corn, and I’ll never go back
To the not-having corn ways of the past

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