2004 – Intro – “Trivia Hotdish: From the Land of 10,000 Questions”

This year’s theme was a celebration of upper midwest culture both past and present. The intro sought to celebrate familiar midwest oddities by using the films Fargo and Escanaba in Da Moonlight as a general guide. Wildman started off the intro by finding a clip in which someone says “Hotdish” and “Minnesota” in the same sentence.

Wisconsin was not spared either as Capt F. featured several clips from American Movie featuring its protaganist Mark Borchardt, the master of the SE Wisconsin dialect. Some of the music beds were a challenge as looping music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind proved time consuming. Coco made his debut as an assistant producer on the intro, taking control of music looping duties. The most popular portion of the piece is the cascade of “Yahs” which will make Midwesterners hate their regional lineage.

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