Number 2

Dammit Jim

He wasn’t always known as Number 2, sometimes is was Just Jim or Jim. Regardless, he is an endless feedback loop of stories about C-172 speed mods and the glory days of International Falls.

This man must be approached with caution because often he secludes himself so he can happily interact with meat. BUT, if he notices you violating this sacred time and rite he likes to practice often, it may not end well for your free time.

Previous people he has caught violating his meat temple have kindly been asked to run to a local St. Cloud business to pick up some pre-arranged food for the Trivia Volunteers.

Others have had a worse fate visited up them. One poor soul was made to endure an hours-long diatribe on how 1990s Alt Rock is the one genre that might save Millennials; if they would only take the time to listen!

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