YIR: Trivia At Play

The Year In Review is like creating the intro, except under an even tighter deadline. We have about five months to create the Intro, but only about six hours to produce the YIR. Historically, the source of audio for this piece would be challenge line calls, productions, and occasionally audio from On-Air. The Challenge line died a slow, agonizing death about five to seven years ago. The on-air “skimmer” (which records what is broadcast) only worked sporadically, often taking a break a few hours into the contest, and was a low priority for a reset by the engineers.

This year due to the unusual configuration of the contest, KVSC had the unique opportunity to record all phone calls. This was helpful to teams who wanted to dispute their point totals, but also was very helpful to the Goat Posse. This new source of audio was in addition to the “skimmer” (which worked the entire contest), original productions, and outtakes which became a mini-tradition for this piece (back when the Voice of Corn was regularly playing announcer for our Love Stink series).

Oates took on the challenge and did an amazing job of organizing the previous 27 hours of random clips selected by the Posse into a cogent storyline. You will hear Number 2’s hot mic incident, teams calling in hopeless answers, and two on-air announcers who claimed they never read an answer on the air. We found the old audio and we reported, you decide.

Producer: Oates

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