2010 – “Trivia in 3D!” Synopsis

As Jim Gray would say in 2010, “KVSC got a whole lotta Posse”.  Eleven Posse members made the trip this year to St. Cloud to assist in the Posse’s stated role of staffing the Challenge Line for “all 50 hours of the contest”. New in the flock this year were Slider, son of Digital Dave and nephew of Fast Eddie, and Coco, formerly the leader of a Wisconsin based trivia team “Cowbell Trivia”. The large crew was needed to make sure nary a call was missed, produce an ambitious list of original productions, and record the Posse’s first infomercial.

Much to the chagrin of Captain F., this year’s original productions were heavy on the fart jokes.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they weren’t funny.  It started with a script Phal wrote a few weeks after the 2009 contest.  Can of Ass was a nod to the stealthy stench that builds up over a weekend in the confined spaces of trivia teams and that of HQ.  It was produced as a radio skit and aired in the weeks before the contest to set the mood. By the end of Trivia, Can of Ass was a TV infomercial on UTVS.

The farting continued with Harry’s House of Sheep and the game show sensation that is sweeping the nationPull My Finger. These scripts were written by Fast Eddie and produced by Slider.  Fast Eddie also wrote Fast Eddie for President, which was also produced by Slider.  Slider also produced Mandels, another possible remedy for trivia odors.

On the Challenge line, it was a pretty slow start and in 18 hour the Posse started calling teams in a novel way.  Borrowing from political campaigns the Posse started “robo-calling” with a prepared set of recordings reminiscent of the Challenge Line Hold Music from 2006.  Even Uncle Corn was ensnared in one of the calls, however he (as always) was quick to adjust and by the end he was in control of the call.

The Posse provided a fair number promos before and during the contest.  Since Trivia expanded to five stations, promos were needed to introduce the uninitiated listeners to the madness.  Captain F., Phal, and Digital Dave all provided creative announcements.  Digital Dave and Princess Yum Yum, with the help of Jim Gray, produced the intro to “Safe Harbor” a show hosted by Jim Gray and Michael Jammnick that plays fast and loose with content and the seven deadly words according to George Carlin.  Safe Harbor did help light up the phones, and several challenge line calls did belong during that time in the middle of the night.

“Stink Rock” returned again with another collection.  This year it was Rip-off Stink which featured songs that had been sampled by other artists, sometimes with their permission.  Notable about Rip-off Stink was the fact that 16 year-old Slider produced the rather complicated piece on his own. As with the weekend in review productionTrivia 3-D – Look in the Mirror, Captain F. did very little editing and merely signed-off on the final product.  It was a watershed moment in the Posse’s history as just about every member had learned enough radio skills to work in small groups and produce an ambitious amount of content.  Thirty-Eight skits, challenge line calls, and other pieces were produced for trivia.

This was also the second straight year the Posse contributed an Audio Trivia question.  Last year it was Love Stink; this year Captain F. had interviewed “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Jeff Skiles for KVSC’s Newswatch program.  Captain F. also wrote a trivia question for Jeff to read and Skiles was only to happy to oblige.

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