2011 – “Superheroes of Trivia” Synopsis

The Goat Posse effort in 2011 was one of quality over quantity which is not to make excuses, but we took what we could get. Frankly, the Challenge Line was dying on the vine, but that opened up long stretches of time to work on original productions.

The Intro took a toll early on due to a last minute course correction (see Intro description for more detail). But the Posse soon found its hooves with a creative re-imagining of Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex”. An all-night effort ensued to produce “I Just Had Corn” with contributions by both Posse members and nearby talent including Aaron, who would be named the “Rhyminister” in 2012 in-part for his efforts on the track.

Probationary members Drrrty A, Rhyminister, and Mistress Carly would contribute greatly to many of the productions, serving not only as talent but as producers.

While the Posse continued to bemoan the lack of challenges, one or two did capture our imagination and made it to air. The Neo-Maxi Zoomdwebies once again were counted on to provide a sustainable challenge for teams to call-in with a Superhero and their motto…ET: Using our Junk for Justice!

Two years after Jism Mom appeared on the challenge line, another mom, or maybe the same one, showed up as Prom Mom. In her whiny, meddling ways, she tried to pimp out her daughter, all but giving the potential date permission to, well, do whatever it is that kids do on prom night. Additionally, Perennial volunteers No-Pants and The Nippler challenged teams to vote on FB for the best Superhero and Sidekick amongst Trivia entrants with the winner named at the awards ceremony. (Listen to the Awards Ceremony audio for the winner).

Meanwhile, Mr. Choo Choo and Coco were quite nimble on one memorable call turning a nearly lame shotgunning a beer challenge into something involving pants and a shower that was pure Challenge Line gold!

Safe Harbor returned for the second straight year and Digital Dave and Princess Yum-Yum provided a stunning follow-up to the 2010 intro to be used to introduce the second half of the show. Also under the Safe Harbor umbrella was a Goat Posse original starring Coco who implored people to touch him where no one has gone before. In a studio next door, Princess Carly, J-Mont-G, Dude, and Capt. F assembled the “Top 10 Useless Superpowers”.

Following its first video production “Can of Ass” in 2010, the Posse returned this year with another pondering of the culture that surrounds Trivia. Princess Buttercup made her directorial debut for the Goat Posse, putting pictures to Phal’s screenplay about a urinal, a man, and his gum.

In a triumphant return of the pre-trivia serial Drrrty A and Nick, who worked in KVSC’s Production Department, produced a three-part radio drama “The Superheroes of Triva” Trilogy. With Coco and Phal contributing voices, the story was about the heroic effort to rescue the KVSC Trivia from the Drrrty mitts of the evil doers.


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