2015 – “Game of Trivia” Synopsis

We are happy you have journeyed to Game of Trivia as imagined by the Goat Posse. It was the first year Captain F had not physically attended Trivia since his first phone shift in 1994. But it was for good reason as a little goat needed care at home. Captain F’s major contributions were with the INTRO which are detailed below. However the Posse is not one, it is many and they did MUCH this year.

It was an insane harvest of original productions starting off with a Top Ten List of Game of Thrones quotes that may or may not excite your lover. The Phone Bank is always a great foil and we found that they are dedicated lot, you may need to hear their pledge.

A very popular feature from 2013 returned as the men from the Quotes from the Colon brought forth their knowledge and experiences. Of course their exhortations were odiferous, so don’t linger too long.

Daenerys has a message for the people of the free cities. It’s a delicate yet clueless reminder that her fledgling dragon children are spreading their wings and in this developmental stage there might be some teensy-weensy bloodshed.

During each contest the Goat Posse DNA is writ large in the exercise of parody. This is expressed proudly in Sequential which is a send-up of the wildly popular podcast of the time Serial. This parody is only an opening act to the burgeoning franchise of Goat Posse rewrites of popular tunes.

After making fun of Trevor Klopp in the the INTRO he wormed his way into our hearts with this tremendous introduction to CoCo and Rhyminister’s mashup show Hold the Gravy. It was this and other contributions that led to Trevor being inducted into The Goat Posse as “Cougar Bait” in 2017

If that wasn’t enough, the Posse used Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” to write “I’ve Met Every Team” which names each team on the 2015 roster. It’s a feat not done since Shake-A-Hamster did it in 2002. Friend of the Posse Casey wrote and performed the lyrics and mastered by the Posse.

Finally, there is a safe place on the daily broadcast clock according to the FCC. It’s called Safe Harbor and falls during the early a.m. That means certain words and content can air over public airwaves. Just Jim and this year a rotating host played to your dirtiest desires. The Posse often produces an introduction to Safe Harbor and Digital Dave, who created the original Safe Harbor intro, mailed-in this latest version from his home office in Pennsylvania.

This was followed a little later by something that is describes as “The sexy roller coaster that is Jim Gray.” A production inspired by his powerful musk.

We hope you have some time because there is a lot of regal laughs in the Year of our Posse 2014.

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