2021 Awards Ceremony – UTVS Broadcast

In April of 2020, KVSC held a mini trivia marathon to help us all through the first COVID lockdown. The contest was entirely virtual and only a scaled down awards ceremony was held. This year was the first time a full, an entirely online ceremony was held, with only the question writers presenting from the Ritchie Auditorium as a symbolic presence. Thank you to UTVS for broadcasting this ceremony.

Video courtesy UTVS

*1:00 – Jo McMullen Opening Remarks
*9:16 – Nature Hamster performs “Headless Cowboy Monkey”
*13:32 – Goat Posse Awards
*25:00 – Trivia Hall of Fame Inductees
*36:20 – Team Scores
*49:51 – Top 10 Teams
*56:51 – Closing


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