2005 – Intro – “TSI: Trivia Scene Investigations”

TSI’s intro would be a mild paradigm shift in the way the piece was composed. While the intro has always been a grouping of vignettes that support the theme, TSI was the first to put the vignette in to a contiguous storyline. The story of a murder from crime to punishment as told by a exceedingly disperate collection of audio quotes and music was aesthetically and technically satisfying.

Coco would return to help produce and contributed his first vignette to the effort. (punishment section) TSI was also the first intro where the intent of the ending portion of the 2001 intro was finally realized. Thanks to a night of imbibing, Capt F. awoke the next day to a lower than usual voice that was perfect for recording liners. The ending of TSI, with a little processing, provided a sinister hand-off to the Hour 1 On-Air announcers

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