Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup pines for the day when she was a bride. But times have changed, and she’s reluctantly moved on. She was forced to adopt a few different personas to throw sycophants off her trail, such as Princess KMA and Princess KY.

Princess B. was once runner-up at Minnesota Vikings cheerleader tryouts, but after reaching the final round put another girl’s eye out in a freak pom-pom accident. She has been told on occasion that she smells funny and has hygiene issues, but she laughs it off and mistakenly thinks people are joking.

Always the life of the party, Princess B likes to demonstrate how she can “vart” on cue. And once Princess Buttercup starts into her high-pitched laugh, there is no stopping her. The Posse has grown very fond of Princess Buttercup’s famous catch phrase – “As ewe wish”.

In 2011, Princess Buttercup was the first individual Goat inducted in the KVSC Trivia Hall of Fame.

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