2016 – Intro – “Trivia Cruisin'”

People love cars and this year we tried to tell a story about a car and a person and then a race for supremacy with danger at every curve. Drrrty A, CoCo and Captain F were the main collaborators for this Intro including structure and writing, with the final mixdown completed at KVSC.

The opening quote came completely packaged in the original Mathew McConaughey Cadillac commercial. We loved what he said and we loved the music. Unfortunately we could not find a clean version of the music so we couldn’t carry that vibe for a bit longer. Other classic car-era tunes include “Radar Love” and “Green Onions” which carries the Intro within the Intro.

The final sequence continues to use the toss with names that are meant to provoke the hosts. If you didn’t recognize the voice mimicking legendary announcer Wolf Man Jack, it was none other than Bear. He played an entirely different role in the 2015 Intro.

Producers: Captain F., Coco, Drrrty A
Voice Talent: Bear

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