Drrrty A

While you might be drawn-in by her classic Scandanavian looks or her inviting smile be aware! As you gaze at her fair countenace Drrrty A is lowering your zipper with her eyes. But don’t worry the threat will not exist past 9 p.m., as she is likely asleep.

When not shopping for sweatpants that have pockets especially designed for bacon, Drrrty A is searching for soil samples to place in the yearly Trivia Intro. If a word or phrase you may have heard in a film or television show makes your pants crowded, it makes her bacon sizzle.

So when the Intro music starts to get a bit more funky and voices start to breath a little heavy; its probably because Drrrty A has found the clips that will make your reverend sweat.

In 2020, Drrrty A was the third individual Goat inducted into the KVSC Trivia Hall of Fame.


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