The Rhyminister

wsedA distant relative of the Bjork, an Icelandic variant of the Screech Owl, The Rhyminister will open his mouth for anything, especially if it has girth and records vibrations. Drop a puck on his head or whack his ballz with a spinning hurling sphere and he’ll describe how he’s feeling as though he were Andres Cantor himself.

A 3rd runner up in the 5th season of St. Joseph’s Minnesota Rap Idol, The Rhyminister made his start with the Posse dropping his first deuce I Just Had Corn. Look for him at Trivia by the steaming Pad Thai.

We live on a dangerous planet and diplomacy is the only path to peace. The beats are his shield, his words his sword; he’s the lyrical voice of the Posse to the world. Represent!


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