2015 – Intro – “Game of Trivia” (Air-check version)

The INTRO is produced to be aired on radio and that is where you can feel it’s full impact as a hype piece for Trivia. This year there was a slight hiccup in the very beginning which you will notice. To hear the original version listen to the original version here.

We are a little bummed this happened because every part of the intro is calibrated for maximum effect including our Goat Posse tag at the beginning. That tag is the usual branding but over the HBO “Original Programming” tag at the beginning of many of their productions. This is not entirely heard in the “Aircheck” version because at the penultimate moment at the start of Trivia, The Voice of Corn forgot to turn on the channel on the board that the playback computer is routed through.

We are willing to forgive him because… …years ago when he took over the Trivia Pre-show hour, the INTRO was finally and consistently launched precisely on time so that the legal station ID backed into the piece was being aired as the clock struck 5pm. His consistency on this and his great lead-ins to the INTRO along with launches performed by Jam-Ooh! have allowed the intro to have it’s full impact.

Now that you know the back story, it’s still worth it to listen to how it sounded on-air, and as Station Manager Jo and Production Director Trevor (Cougar Bait) react to their EPIC introductions!

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