2015 – Intro – “Game of Trivia”

This was an interesting year for the Intro as Captain F. conducted the final assembly of the piece while taking breaks to store beast milk or serve it to his first little goat. Drrrty A and Coco were equal players in gathering, preparing and building sections of the Intro. Like last year, a fair amount of the editing and conferring was done over chat as the three of them were always in different locations down to the end. In the past, the intro was always finished with one final push, in the studio at KVSC. Like with TSPN, Captain F. was given a hard deadline for GoT, the Thursday before Trivia. Then the piece was transferred to Drrrty A and Coco, who were already in St. Cloud, to do final polishing, including adjusting finals levels and smoking out gremlins.

One reason to listen to this version……is the modified Goat Posse Tag in the beginning. It’s the usual branding but over the HBO “Original Programming” tag at the beginning of many of their productions. This is not entirely heard in the “Aircheck” version because at the penultimate moment at the start of Trivia, The Voice of Corn forgot to turn on the channel on the board that the playback computer is routed through.

We are willing to forgive him because years ago when he took over the Trivia Pre-show hour, the Intro was finally and consistently launched precisely on time so that the legal station ID backed into the piece was being aired as the clock struck 5pm. His consistency on this and his great lead-ins to the Intro along with launches performed by Jam-Oooh! have allowed the intro to have it’s full impact.

Captain F created the first two sections and his little goat makes his radio debut during a transition. Coco created the next two, mastering a way to reduce background noise on clips with loud music or activity in the background. Prior to this, great quotes that would fit fabulously had to often be left out. His conception and execution of the “battle” section is tremendous. Drrrty A completed “Sexy Time”, moving way from the crude jokes that Captain F. always highlighted and went for more subtle innuendo.

The intro within the INTRO reached it’s full potential this year with a fully formed concept between Coco and Captain F. Coco did a fair amount of the scripting and identified the KVSC voices needed in this section and produced their cuts. Captain F also spent almost too much time finding sound effects to drop into the “50 hours of Non-Stop section”. Just Jim also had some key suggestions. Captain F. did some writing in this section and made the final assembly.

That final assembly didn’t pick up speed until around 11 p.m. on the Wednesday before trivia when Captain F. randomly located a bed that had a had the juice required for the final act but also had a medieval vibe.

The heartbeat of this section was the booming rendition of a Court Caller as voiced by Bear. It evoked the feeling of GoT but had a Trivia flair as he introduced the first announcers of trivia which easch year is Station Manager Jo McMullen and the current program director. CoCo created some great regal titles for both Jo and Program Director Trevor Klopp (aka Cougar Bait) which get the desired reaction from the hosts. This can be heard on the aircheck version.

This part of the INTRO is called “The Toss” and was first used, in an understated fashion, on Trivia in 3-D. Since then it has become an integral part of the Intro and one of the final pieces of functionality that Captain F first dreamed of when the Intro was first used in 2001.

Producers: Captain F., Coco, Drrrty A
Voice Talent: Bear

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