Mistress Carly

Mistress Carly was supposed to sing backup for Dusty Springfield but found out she had died several years ago. Despondent, she roamed the St. Cloud party scene like a blizzard and had a far east movement. After cleaning herself she was inspired to sign-up for an internship with The Goat Posse.

The goats took pity on her after she lamented that, “…this cute guy totally bailed on me.” They started her off as voice talent and in short order had her clenching and unclenching, but all concluded that she sounded like a dead giraffe, nay a dying giraffe. Exactly how does that sound?

She would eventually prove her worth with her deft touch on the editing mouse, her deep and abiding love for rancid, empty pop tunes and her growing collection of used Al Roker underwear.

When she is not memorizing Jason Derulo lyrics, Mistress Carly is hiding her new hair in hats that Molly Ringwald threw away, or happily interacting with meat. She is a PBR Pong Champion and was once heard to exclaim, “I could go all night!”

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