Major Digression (Clean)

Everyone is familiar with Lonely Island for their original works of straight-faced comedic songs like “I Just Had Sex” and “Jack Sparrow”. The Hip Hop Division of The Goat Posse loves to spoof a spoof, because we never have an original thought. The HHD followed up their 2011 hit “I just had Corn” with “Major Digression” a rewrite of “Jack Sparrow”.

The song opens with a trivia team about to begin as one of the members brings in his cousin who claims to be search engine whiz. As the contest progresses, its apparent that “new guy” is a email joke forwarding, FB sharing, youtube meandering putz and menace.

Phal was behind the mic again on vocals, straining his epiglottis to create the Bolton approximation. The Rhyminister and Dude returned to lay down some serious prose.

They were joined by newcomer Skinny D whose bravado-laced words like: “Muthafuckin’ answer man, call me Nostradamus / Brain set to the max, I’m a Trivia alumnus,” hurled forth in a nimble staccato, made the man Goats trot and the lady Goats twirl

Number 2 was brought back again to master the track and was assisted by Pokéjohn. Often these productions are begun after 11 p.m. on the first night of Trivia. By the time principal recording is finished its 5 a.m. and Number 2 is known to remain for another three to four hours to finish the production while most of the herd sleeps.

So if you know a member of your team that has said this before: “Hundreds of cat pics, there’s just so many / Isn’t it funny their fur grew like that?” you may have been a victim of a Major Digression.

Producer: Number 2, Pokéjohn
Vocals: Dude, Phal, The Rhyminister

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