Phal is really an acronym that means Piping Hot And Limber.

He likes to wear rubber underwear, and red sweatpants which allow him to be tea-bagged by the back of the couch. Phal hails from the the Soddom section of Hollywood, the reach-around capital the Los Angeles basin. He can often be found hanging out down on the wharf where he knows he can find Safe Harbor!

Phal has had many former jobs due to his “size”…in fact he just returned from Alaska where he served as a temporary “fence” for author Joe McGuiness to keep those peepin Palins from looking at is Piping Hot And Limber MANuscript.

Most nights he sits on the pier; singing that new American Idol tune “Aiken for the Cock of Clay” for change, so that one day he can afford a surgery that will give him that red velvet sAAck he’s always wanted.


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