2013 – Intro – “A Space Oddity”

The Space theme was not about Sci-Fi or anything along those lines.  It was about science and space exploration, and a little oddity. How do you cover a theme that is as vast as space itself? You start with one of the most respected astrophysicists of our time Neil Degrasse-Tyson.

The Intro begins with Neil philosophizing about the origins of our very being within the universe, a soliloquy that served as an excellent launching point for the audio journey. Long before space travel, humans gazed at the stars and it was the basis – the road map – for humans to chase those stars with vehicles.

The Posse tried to show those successes and failures, weaving noted space communications recordings of historic flights. It’s often hard to find the best music bed to fit both the required tempo and the content, but this year the music selections came easy.

Drrrty A returned for her third go as the producer of the “SexyTime” section and turned in her best effort yet, actually making Kesha listenable and useful.

The final sequence is the new frontier for the Posse, as it has become the “Intro within the Intro”. It was decided that a launch sequence would be used as the structure for making the final introductions to trivia. Communications between the ground and the spacecraft along with the NASA narrator were scripted and a special guest was used as the astronaut.

For the first time in several years, the Posse had the entire intro done before noon the Friday of trivia, save for three sound files. Thanks to a trivia player who had participated in a NASA Program for educators, an interview with former NASA Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson was arranged. Captain F. interviewed Mr. Anderson during the Friday Newswatch program, and then “Clay” was transferred to the Forum studio to record some extra lines for the Intro.

This Intro was again another team effort with multiple Goats working together to assemble aspects of the audio piece. A considerable amount of prep work was performed by Coco in the weeks before, downloading or recording audio clips. He also set up an organizational system that allowed all the goats to work on the project remotely. Wildman reprised his role as “Quote Order King” arranging over one hundred in an order that would make sense.

The first audio clips would not be put down on the multitrack audio canvas until five days before the contest but it all fell into place fast; much faster than anticipated and it still turned out spectacular. Now, that truly maybe an oddity.

Producers; Captain F., Coco, Drrrty A
Voice Talent: NASA Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson, FoP Steve B
Special Thanks: Wildman

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