The Voice of Corn

Once a hit man, The Voice of Corn has given it up in a futile attempt to break into voice work . He likes to think life imitates art. Before that, VoC was a tight end, a position he loved dearly, until he was finally molded into a wide receiver.

Unbeknownst to him, The Voice of Corn is kept heavily medicated during Trivia weekend. The drugs help him utter the all important animal noises while voicing production.

VoC is always up to the challenge, which explains his love of “cold reads” particularly when the scripts contain lengthy, unfamiliar words. He never misses a single word, yet he is a very modest performer and shies away from the spotlight. Instead, he prefers to hide in dark corners at KVSC.

Lastly, it’s important to know when Voice of Corn speaks, the audience is all ears.

In 2014, the VoC – aka “Charlie Brown” – was the second individual Goat inducted into the KVSC Trivia Hall of Fame.


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