2004 – “Trivia Hotdish: From the Land of 10,000 Questions”

Creating the intro for 2004 was fun as Captain F. enjoyed celebrating and laughing at upper Midwestern culture.  The intro borrowed heavily from several popular films that are quintessentially Mideastern in style and substance.  Fargo,Escanaba in Da Moonlight, and American Movie provided a treasure trove of quotes that touched on such themes as cheese, hunting, hockey, food, and dialects as the intro sets some sort of record for the amount of “Yahs” in a 15-second period.  The intro also made possible the use of a Slip Twister song, much to Captain F.’s delight.



  • INTRO: Trivia Hotdish: From the Land of 10,000 Questions

    This year’s theme was a celebration of upper midwest culture both past and present. The intro sought to celebrate familiar midwest oddities by using the films Fargo and Escanaba in Da Moonlight as a general guide. Wildman started off the intro by finding a clip in which someone says “Hotdish” and “Minnesota” in the same sentence.

    Wisconsin was not spared either as Capt F. featured several clips from American Movie featuring its protaganist Mark Borchardt, the master of the SE Wisconsin dialect. Some of the music beds were a challenge as looping music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind proved time consuming. Coco made his debut as an assistant producer on the intro, taking control of music looping duties. The most popular portion of the piece is the cascade of “Yahs” which will make Midwesterners hate their regional lineage.

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  • Stink Rock: Wedding Stink

    This was the Posse’s first offering to the hallowed Stink Rock franchise. The Voice of Corn was recruited as announcer and the songs were selected based on Capt F.’s vast experience presiding over many wedding receptions across central Minnesota in the late 1990s. The script was a proseful collaboration between Phal and Dude as they wrote lines and ate Ciatti’s mostaccioli. While its nice to write these things ahead of time, being in the trivia atmosphere has always yeilded some of the best writing

  • GPO: Trivia RPG

    Players of the console game Summoner may have seen an animation called Summoner Geeks where characters from the game play Dungeons and Dragons with all the usual frustrations of playing with your friends. The Posse tried to completely ape this skit, adapting it to trivia. Warning! Children of 1980s, this skit may hit close to home.