2005 – “TSI: Trivia Scene Investigations”

The Posse came back with a vengeance after a light effort production-wise in 2004.  It started with the intro which was comprehensive in both content and artistry.  The theme lent itself to a story line and the order of the sound clips were arranged to weave a tale from the moment a crime was committed to the final benediction for the victim after the criminal was caught.  This year also saw the first emergence of the intro within the intro.  Specific scripted liners were voiced and produced to give the listener a clue that the start of the trivia contest was acutely imminent.

In the challenge line, the charter members of the Posse welcomed Fluffer for the first time.  Also joining the Posse (Yet to return in subsequent years, but always invited) was Snap-Roll-Sam who knew Captain F. from his aviation sphere.  Sam is a law enforcement officer in his real life which served him well in the Challenges Only! skit where he played a drunk looking for a ride home.  (More…)

  • INTRO: TSI: Trivia Scene Investigations

    TSI’s intro would be a mild paradigm shift in the way the piece was composed. While the intro has always been a grouping of vignettes that support the theme, TSI was the first to put the vignette in to a contiguous storyline. The story of a murder from crime to punishment as told by a exceedingly disperate collection of audio quotes and music was aesthetically and technically satisfying. Coco would return to help produce and contributed his first vignette to the effort. (punishment section) TSI was also the first intro where the intent of the ending portion of the 2001 intro was finally realized. Thanks to a night of imbibing, Capt F. awoke the next day to a lower than usual voice that was perfect for recording liners. The ending of TSI, with a little processing, provided a sinister hand-off to the Hour 1 On-Air announcers

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  • YIR: Carlos (Remix)

    2005 was the year of the internet sound boards on the challenge line. Numerous calls were answered by clicking audio cuts lifted from movies, TV that various celebrities have starred. The sad part is that many callers continued to talk long after it was obvious they had been punked. Several of the Posse were very adept at clicking on the right sound cut to make it wound like a real conversation. A real feat since many of the boards had limited cuts to work with. Carlos is a wide-ranging review of 2005 including many of those sound board calls

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