Goat Shop

“Goat Shop” was a project two years in the making.  Conceived by Posse friend, Jamo (aka Jam-Oooh!), during the 2013 contest, time constraints forced the group to table the idea.  But Jamo was persistent, and with good reason: this is the Posse’s strongest track to date!

Producer: Pokéjohn
Vocals: Bear, Captain F., Dude, Skinny D
Vocal Drops: Drrrty A, Phal, FoP Wireless Mic’s Daughter
Lyrics: Jam-Oooh!, Coco, Pissboy, Skinny D

Hey, Captain F! Can we go bar hopping?

Goat, goat, goat, goat… [x7]

Trivia, trivia, trivia, uh… [x9]

I think I’m gonna crash,
Only now fifteen hours in the contest
I – I – I’m frumpy, looking for a pick-up
Where’s the fucking coffee?

[Verse 1:]
Nah, walkin’ out of Prod, I’m like, “What up, I got a good clip!”
I’m so pumped about the Adele nudey pic.
Challenge Line rings, so Phal talks naughty
Then we like, “Damn! Was that Got Monkey?”
Rollin’ up in our own stink, headin’ just to get a drink,
Dressed in all geek, ‘cept our name tags, those are neat
Buttercup posts a link, chewin’ gum when we pee
Probably shouldn’t watch this: gonna make you queasy
But shit, we got 25 likes! (Bookface!)
Snackin’ on, Jimmy Chips, sandwiches with condiments
Jo McMullen walkin’ with the muffins – lookin’ prominent
But me n’ Coco – fuck it man
Muchin’ some awesome
Dunk-ing them Oat-meal cook-ies – ‘cause we out the fuckin’ chocolate chip
I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs, I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs,
No for real – when you walk out – I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs? (Sucker)
Call da phone supe – someone be trippin’
I heard shit might be broken – I should stop drinkin’
Is that a broken sound board? I think I broke the sound board.
Go find Mr. Choo Choo; he can get it restored.
Hello, hello, the phone man, the Techno
Al Neff ain’t got nothing on my bank name, hell no
I could eat some hot wings, Surly, go get those
Dirty A be like “Aw, I think they smell gross”

I think I’m gonna crash,
Only now twenty hours in the contest
I – I – I’m frumpy, looking for a pick-up
Where’s the fucking coffee?

I think I’m gonna crash,
Only now thirty hours in the contest
I – I – I’m slumping, looking for a pick-up
Where’s the fucking caffeine?

[Verse 2:]
What you know about drivin’ in from Wisconsin?
What you knowin’ about askin’ what the fox says?
You’re digging, you’re digging, you’re searching right through that Wiki
One man’s page, that’s another team’s edit
Thank the Hamsters for recording the new par-o-dy song
‘Cause right now I’m up in here dancing
Before the party, you can find me in the (Ritchie)
We boo, We boo if not sittin’ in your section
Fast Eddie, Dig’ Davey, the Fluffer, Man Wildy,
I’ll hear those shotty, janky, sappy stories and, I slap those motherfuckers
We pack-in oneies and we spark-in that motherfucker
Red Carpet party and we’re drunk in that motherfucker
They be like, “Oh, that Posse – they just all right.”
I’m like, “It’s fifteen hours for a T-shirt.”
Trivia edition, let’s do some simple addition
Fifteen hours for a T-shirt – that’s just a rookie ass bitch shift (baah)
I call that getting dressy and primped (shit)
I love the volunteering for a fuckin’ contest
Public Ra-di-o
And having the same one as all the volunteers in this club is just hella dope
Sheep game, come see a goat through my kaleidoscope
Trying to get home from the bar? Man you hella won’t
Man you hella won’t

(Triv’ya… fifty-six teams…)

I know I’m gonna crash,
Only now forty hours in the contest
I – I – I’m dumping, looking for a start-up
Where’s the fucking Red Bull?

I’m wearing Thursday’s clothes
I smell incredible
I eat a burrito
Which we picked up from Bravos

Have you seen Jim or Jo?
This couch is now my home
I miss my own pillow
All I hear is ringing phones

I’m gonna go and rage
Fine’ly now fifty hours in the contest
I – I – I’m jumping, looking for a come-up
Where’s the fucking party?

Is that your grandma’s goat?

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