2014 – Intro – “TSPN”

The “modern intro” (those created since 2001), has always been a collaborative effort.  Captain F. and Wildman began creating these motif-ed montage masterpieces on their own, but soon recruited Coco to augment their efforts.  And thus it remained for nearly a decade…

…until, 2011, when forces beyond the Posse’s control, delayed the production of the intro so long, that it required a team of super friends to complete the task and avoid certain disaster!  After that, things returned to normal, with Drrrty A joining the group of regular Intro producers.  And so it went…

…until 2014!  After the technical and thematic perfection that was the 2013 Intro, the team didn’t know if they could pull of a repeat of that year’s glory. The Posse went deep into their bench, calling all clutch players – even those that have never contributed to the Intro – for clip and story line suggestions!

But the Posse pulled through, in the ultimate display of teamwork overcoming adversity, and truly showing what good sportsmanship (and collaborative creativity) can bring to the plate!

Producers: Captain F., Coco, Drrrty A
Voice Talent: FoP Gina

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