2012 – Intro – “33 1/3: Trivia Long Play”

In the weeks before the contest, KVSC had remodeled the forum studio with brand new equipment, and the Posse was given exclusive use of the space in order to work out the bugs. This allowed Capt. F. taking up 24 hour-a-day uninterrupted residence in the days before, finalizing the Intro with help from KVSC Production Director, Bear, and Posse members, Mr. Choo Choo and Princess Buttercup.

The Trivia theme was a celebration of vinyl and the Intro was designed to take a parallel journey. One journey was to celebrate music and how vinyl helped music connect with their soul. The other journey was to show the evolution of vinyl from the first form of portable music to DJs who through scratching, used the vinyl a song was pressed-upon as the final accompanying instrument in that song.

Since vinyl and AM Radio were synonymous in both their heydeys, Historical Trivia Individual Al Neff was really the only person to “host” this journey. Al spent his rock & roll and radio formative years in the vinyl era. His formidable knowledge in this area and his golden pipes was the needle to the groove in presenting the theme to Trivia players. The Posse was very excited to have his participation in the production.

With just a few sign posts from Capt. F, Al wrote the “opening argument” and voiced it perfectly. One side noted: when Capt. F sent Al the broad themes the opening should cover their existential tone prompted Al to ask with a chuckle, “What drugs are you on drugs man?” If you don’t find yourself in the moment after hearing his words you haven’t been listening.

For Capt. F, this was one of the more enjoyable intros to produce in recent years. The intro exceeded all of our expectations and we are proud to present it to you as it aired at 4:53 p.m. Friday, February 10, 2012.

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