2020 – “It’s About Time” Synopsis


2020 – It’s About Time is an appropriate theme for the Goat Posse because this year’s productions were tinged in the past, but also show the future of our group.

The Intro will never reach a final form, but we are really happy with its current structure. Opening thesis, thematic sections, and then a furious finish with the “intro within an intro”. It concludes with a toss to the hosts who don’t know how it ends, which is why the studio reaction video has become a recent feature.

This year’s intro featured the highest number of producers while including many of the Posse “kids”. These “kids” are growing up fast, and have proven to be self-starters, producing a fair amount of the Posse catalog this year.

Legacy writer Dude along with senior writer Drrrty A have now been joined by resident writers Cobby, Oates, Honey Trap, and Dubs as the main originators of content. With additional contributions from Princess Buttercup year after year.

On the producing front, Drrrty A and Cougar Bait mind the store, getting productions to the finish line. Pokéjohn, who helped produce many of our early song parodies has returned the last two years to captain those efforts.

Visit the “Songs” tab to enjoy four strong thematic song parodies that honor the tradition of the Hamsters, but with some fresh takes on the trivia experience. If you peruse the credits, you will see the fingerprints of an emerging songwriting trio of Honey Trap-Oats-Cobby that conjures shades of the Motown’s famous collaborators Holland-Dozier-Holland. Well, maybe not that legendary, but maybe more like that 1980s duo that we will now call Honey Trap & Oates.

We also would like to salute the many Friends of Posse (FoPs) who we pull into the studio to provide voices or input into the productions; you know who you are.

Time wears on us all and it’s tested the Posse members this past year. Take a moment to listen to El Cancer for an appreciation the Posse has for all the time we have had together.

Finally, Drrrty A! She just doesn’t like to call attention to herself, but we noticed and so did all of Trivia. Drrrty was inducted this year as a Volunteer into the Trivia Hall of Fame! It’s no surprise, she just loves radio and of course this event and plunges her last bit of energy, creativity, and verve into each contest.

The result is writ large across every aspect from the mundane task of producing underwriting spots, to writing Posse bits and producing them. But yet she still does not rest, often jumping in to make food runs for the phone bank or even worse, wiping down the phone bank hospitality suite after the end of the hour grazing is complete…ewww!

Therefore we salute Drrrty A for her selfless exertions for Trivia; we know you love it, and WE LOVE YOU!

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