Trivia Night News

This production started like many Goat Posse bits seem to start, with a random piece of audio, and the quest to find a way to present it on the air. Iowa Jeff had recently interviewed members of the Shake-A-Hamster Band during which they sung a goofy line in harmony.

Iowa Jeff happened to be kibitzing with the Posse during trivia and mentioned that he had said audio and offered for use. Drrrty A, Coco, and Dude set about crafting a vehicle to deliver the audio and it emerged in the form of a fake newscast.

The bit crescendos with The Rhyminister as an on-scene reporter breathlessly relaying news of a new Hamster tune…and queue the golden audio clip. The energetic performance by The Rhyminister nearly eclipses the clip that inspired the effort in the first place.

Producer: Drrrty A
Voice Talent: Coco, Drrrty A, Phal, The Rhyminister, FoP the Shake-A-Hamster Band
Writers: Coco, Coco, Drrrty A

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