5-Hour Shot of Ass

2012 marked the third year of operation for the Goat Posse Video Department which is some sort of miracle since the Goats have an aversion to images. This year, Phal wrote “5-Hour Shot of Ass” a follow-up “Can of Ass”. This was by far the most intricate Posse video production yet and required many of the various professional and private talents of Posse members. That expertise yielded wonderful on-set props, such as 5-Hour Shot of Energy bottles wrapped in custom-made “5-hour Shot of Ass” labels.

Dude used his art direction and Photoshop prowess to create video stills involving tater tots and cheese. There were also on location shoots as the Posse vid crew visited two team headquarters to record quotable gems as, “I don’t want smell spic and span…I want to smell like beans and ham”.

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