2011 – Intro – “Superheroes of Trivia”

2011 became a new-era of collaboration with regard to the production of the hallowed ‘Trivia Intro’.

After 2010’s production was finished just 30 minutes before airtime, the Posse vowed never to come so close to the deadline for airtime again. As Murphy’s Law would have it, this open declaration would only seal their fate. Just days before Coco‘s early departure for St. Cloud, Captain F. phoned him with grave concerns: the intro was not shaping up to be the epic production it always had been and should be. Something drastic had to be done.

With just days remaining, they started over, from square one: clip compilation. The biggest component of each year’s ‘Intro’ is a collection of relative pop culture audio clips that help the Posse tell a story. The collection to this point was greatly lacking, and needed a ‘Super’ shot in the arm! Super Goat Posse, assemble!

The Posse, particularly Mr. Choo Choo, and a few KVSC volunteers (most notably, KVSC’s Asst. Production Director, Nick), swooped in and assembled a collection of new clips. The final product has over 100 clips, over 80% of which were collected in the last week of production! The final product, which includes the first ever segment produced by a female (‘SexyTime’ segment by KV’s Production Director, who would later become Posse member Drrrty A), is fully deserving of the title ‘Trivia Intro’, but could never have happened without the help of our team of ‘Superfriends’!

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