2014 – “TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing Network”

The Goat Posse became of legal age to drink this year, but that never really stopped the kids from imbibing on rhymes, skits, audio clips and wool. Posse members have become an ever-changing but critical mass of talent that is capable of running several projects at once. The intro kept Captain F. in a creative vein finishing a day early since for the first time ever, he would not be at KVSC for Hour 1 of the contest.

There were a few recurring motifs with including a follow-on PSA about male genitalia, this time with a sports theme. Additionally, a legacy production would say goodbye as the Posse pinched-out it’s last version of  the Stink series. Be sure to listen to the tearful farewell.

Last year the Posse re-discovered the gonzo producing style of trivia with Trivia News Night. This year a second broadcast was aired as the news team covered a major world sporting event, and predictably found the slimy underbelly. Way to overachieve kids. (More…)

  • GPO: Balls PSA

    It is one of the taboos of sport, proper ball care. Until recently few in professional, collegiate or recreational pursuits were willing to discuss this topic openly. Then a seminal moment occurred in 2005 when Chicago Cubs Shortstop Nomar Garciaparra suffered an avulsion of the adductor longus muscle. The whole world witnessed the horror of the exploding crotch dots and the possible destruction of a legend.

    Yet Garciaparra would perservere to become a catalyst behind a campaign to encourage others to speak out for better ball care practices. This announcement was part of that vaunted campaign that propelled ball health to the forefront of the sports nation’s consciousness.

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  • GPO: Trivia Night News TSPN

    Last year the Triva News Team (TNN) won a coveted “Zimmerman” for their breaking news report on the Hamster’s new album. This year there was no letdown as they were all over the greatest sporting event around, the Trivia Olympics. TNN’s credentials proved to once again be unparalleled as they draw a surprising connection between world-class twerker Adam Neverlaid, bacon and Jim Gray.

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  • GPO: Opera Got Back

    Imagine Luciano Pavarotti (he is an opera singer for those born after 1996) singing in his famous tenorous tone the line, “Oh my god Beckyyyy, look at her BUUUUUUUUUUT!”. That is pretty much all you need to know about this pitch perfect send-up of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 hit.

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  • GPO: Now That’s What I Call Stink: 20 Years of Shart Topping Shame

    Twenty years ago the Stink genre was launched by pre-posse individuals Dave Lee, Troy Mum, Brad Savage, Aaron White, Chris Weis and others.

    In 2004 The Posse would lay claim to the mantle for no other reason than because no one else would. This year even the Posse has decided to drop this turd. Thus, with one last long, strained, grunting effort; Stink is being dropped into the composting toilet of history.

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  • GPO: Wrecking Ball

    Originally planned to be re-make of the 2013 pop song, as with many ideas formed over Trivia Weekend, this quickly morphed into something very different.  After Skinny D and Coco played “It’s Raining Jim” for some Posse friends, Pissjah, Eustice, and Kacey, we all knew what had to be done.

    Pissjah, with minimal coaching, made this piece his own…in a very dramatic way.

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  • GPO: Goat Shop

    “Goat Shop” was a project two years in the making.  Conceived by Posse friend, Jamo, during the 2013 contest, time constraints forced the group to table the idea.  But Jamo was persistent, and with good reason: this is the Posse’s strongest track to date!  Jamo, with the help of Coco, Skinny D, and posse friend, Piss-Juh, the lyrics were completed and refined.

    This was a truly collaborative effort, with Captain F. and Dude providing vocals for the intro, Bear belting out the vocals for the hook, Drrrty A screeching out her line, and Skinny D busting those phat rhymes, like you know he do. And we cannot forget Wireless Mic’s (another friend of the Posse) daughter for contributing some of the best lines on the track!

    Last, and certainly not least, Pokéjohn, who took our creativity to a new level with his mastering of production!


    Hey, Captain F! Can we go bar hopping?

    Goat, goat, goat, goat… [x7]

    Trivia, trivia, trivia, uh… [x9]

    I think I’m gonna crash,
    Only now fifteen hours in the contest
    I – I – I’m frumpy, looking for a pick-up
    Where’s the fucking coffee?

    [Verse 1:]
    Nah, walkin’ out of Prod, I’m like, “What up, I got a good clip!”
    I’m so pumped about the Adele nudey pic.
    Challenge Line rings, so Phal talks naughty
    Then we like, “Damn! Was that Got Monkey?”
    Rollin’ up in our own stink, headin’ just to get a drink,
    Dressed in all geek, ‘cept our name tags, those are neat
    Buttercup posts a link, chewin’ gum when we pee
    Probably shouldn’t watch this: gonna make you queasy
    But shit, we got 25 likes! (Bookface!)
    Snackin’ on, Jimmy Chips, sandwiches with condiments
    Jo McMullen walkin’ with the muffins – lookin’ prominent
    But me n’ Coco – fuck it man
    Muchin’ some awesome
    Dunk-ing them Oat-meal cook-ies – ‘cause we out the fuckin’ chocolate chip
    I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs, I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs,
    No for real – when you walk out – I’ma take your Erbs n’ Gerbs? (Sucker)
    Call da phone supe – someone be trippin’
    I heard shit might be broken – I should stop drinkin’
    Is that a broken sound board? I think I broke the sound board.
    Go find Mr. Choo Choo; he can get it restored.
    Hello, hello, the phone man, the Techno
    Al Neff ain’t got nothing on my bank name, hell no
    I could eat some hot wings, Surly, go get those
    Dirty A be like “Aw, I think they smell gross”

    I think I’m gonna crash,
    Only now twenty hours in the contest
    I – I – I’m frumpy, looking for a pick-up
    Where’s the fucking coffee?

    I think I’m gonna crash,
    Only now thirty hours in the contest
    I – I – I’m slumping, looking for a pick-up
    Where’s the fucking caffeine?

    [Verse 2:]
    What you know about drivin’ in from Wisconsin?
    What you knowin’ about askin’ what the fox says?
    You’re digging, you’re digging, you’re searching right through that Wiki
    One man’s page, that’s another team’s edit
    Thank the Hamsters for recording the new par-o-dy song
    ‘Cause right now I’m up in here dancing
    Before the party, you can find me in the (Ritchie)
    We boo, We boo if not sittin’ in your section
    Fast Eddie, Dig’ Davey, the Fluffer, Man Wildy,
    I’ll hear those shotty, janky, sappy stories and, I slap those motherfuckers
    We pack-in oneies and we spark-in that motherfucker
    Red Carpet party and we’re drunk in that motherfucker
    They be like, “Oh, that Posse – they just all right.”
    I’m like, “It’s fifteen hours for a T-shirt.”
    Trivia edition, let’s do some simple addition
    Fifteen hours for a T-shirt – that’s just a rookie ass bitch shift (baah)
    I call that getting dressy and primped (shit)
    I love the volunteering for a fuckin’ contest
    Public Ra-di-o
    And having the same one as all the volunteers in this club is just hella dope
    Sheep game, come see a goat through my kaleidoscope
    Trying to get home from the bar? Man you hella won’t
    Man you hella won’t

    (Triv’ya… fifty-six teams…)

    I know I’m gonna crash,
    Only now forty hours in the contest
    I – I – I’m dumping, looking for a start-up
    Where’s the fucking Red Bull?

    I’m wearing Thursday’s clothes
    I smell incredible
    I eat a burrito
    Which we picked up from Bravos

    Have you seen Jim or Jo?
    This couch is now my home
    I miss my own pillow
    All I hear is ringing phones

    I’m gonna go and rage
    Fine’ly now fifty hours in the contest
    I – I – I’m jumping, looking for a come-up
    Where’s the fucking party?

    Is that your grandma’s goat?

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  • GPO: Goat Shop – Radio Edit

    Here is the Radio Edit of “Goat Shop”.  Enjoy…

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