2013 – “Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity”

The Goat Posse featured a cargo bay full of creative talent that produced some high quality and fierce productions.

The intro was again another team effort with multiple Goats working together to assemble aspects of the audio piece. A considerable amount of prep work was performed by CoCo in the weeks before, downloading or recording audio clips. Wildman reprised his role as “Quote Order King” arranging over one hundred in an order that would make sense.

The first audio clips would not be put down on the multitrack audio canvas until five days before the contest but it all fell into place fast; much faster than anticipated and it still turned out spectacular. Now, that truly maybe an oddity.


  • INTRO: 2013: A Space Oddity

    The Space theme was not about Sci-Fi or anything along those lines.  It was about science and space exploration, and a little oddity. How do you cover a theme that is as vast as space itself? You start with one of the most respected astrophysicists of our time Neil Degrasse-Tyson.

    The Intro begins with Neil philosophizing about the origins of our very being within the universe, a soliloquy that served as an excellent launching point for the audio journey. Long before space travel, humans gazed at the stars and it was the basis – the road map – for humans to chase those stars with vehicles.

    The Posse tried to show those successes and failures, weaving noted space communications recordings of historic flights. It’s often hard to find the best music bed to fit both the required tempo and the content, but this year the music selections came easy.

    Drrrty A returned for her third go as the producer of the “SexyTime” section and turned in her best effort yet, actually making Ke$ha listenable and useful.

    The final sequence is the new frontier for the Posse, as it has become the “Intro within the Intro”. It was decided that a launch sequence would be used as the structure for making the final introductions to trivia. Communications between the ground and the spacecraft along with the NASA narrator were scripted and a special guest was used as the astronaut.

    For the first time in several years, the Posse had the entire intro done before noon the Friday of trivia, save for three sound files. Thanks to a trivia player who had participated in a NASA Program for educators, an interview with former NASA Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson was arranged. Captain F. interviewed Mr. Anderson during the Friday Newswatch program, and then “Clay” was transferred to the Forum studio to record some extra lines for the Intro.

    This Intro was again another team effort with multiple Goats working together to assemble aspects of the audio piece. A considerable amount of prep work was performed by Coco in the weeks before, downloading or recording audio clips. He also set up an organizational system that allowed all the goats to work on the project remotely. Wildman reprised his role as “Quote Order King” arranging over one hundred in an order that would make sense.

    The first audio clips would not be put down on the multitrack audio canvas until five days before the contest but it all fell into place fast; much faster than anticipated and it still turned out spectacular. Now, that truly maybe an oddity.

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  • INTRO: 2013: A Space Oddity (Aircheck Version)

    We like to present this version of the Intro since it is produced to generate excitement for the trivia players. We hope you feel the same excitement after hearing how it sounded LIVE.

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  • YIR: A Space Oddity

    When drifting through 50 hours of space, especially when alone you, sometimes hear things. Its possible you might hear a request from a kind gentleman to “let me shirt you” or an unsuspecting on-air announcer might get Rickrolled.

    The Goat Posse has a weakness for nostalgia and self-loathing. At the end of each contest we like to present our favorite outtakes from our productions and challenge line fails we have found in the space of trivia.

    So if you hear an authoritative voice proclaim that “God made a Charlie Brown” or maybe you have been given directions to the corner of “Spell it yourself” and “You called the wrong number”; you can be sure that we have the tape to prove it.

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  • 2013 Goat Posse Awards

    Don’t think we’re paying attention? Just because we may not answer the phone doesn’t mean we don’t notice what you have been up to. During the Trivia Awards ceremony, The Goat Posse gives out awards of their own for such things best and worst Challenge, best and worst team name, and a few others when participants distinguish themselves in a unique way.

    The Posse had the honor of bestowing the first annual Marty Sundvall Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award to Steaming Pyle. The award is in honor of Sundvall who taught in the St. Cloud State Mass Communications Department and was actively involved in KVSC, The University Chronicle, and the Husky Hockey team.

    While the above honor was given in reverence, the rest of our awards are deliverd with a needle, bat, or bomb.

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  • GPO: Final Trivia Frontier Promo

    KVSC needs over 100 volunteers each year to staff the contest. The Phone bank is staffed for 50 hours and has upwards of 25-30 phones, which means that is a lot of people needed to help; especially during the 6-9 a.m. shift on Sunday morning. The Goat Posse is happy to provide creative energy to help flog the herd…er…recruit volunteers to help with answer phones and other duties. Here is this year’s effort.

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  • GPO: Quotes From The Colon: Ep 2

    Who knew that a relationship based on tonsils and tongues would create such glorious comedy. Bear and Phal, the Donny and Marie of radio trivia contest ancillary input wrote, voiced, and produced a skit that involves bathroom humor, but avoids the sophomoric undertones.

    So imagine a conversation amongst two British fellows who are talking about a number 2….

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  • GPO: God Made Trivia

    The Goat Posse loves a good spoof and with the Super Bowl falling in close proximity to Trivia, many ideas have been gleaned from those multimillion dollar spots that were fresh in the goats minds. The first Super Bowl related spoof was from 1998 during Trivia Sells Out, pivoting off Nike’s “I Can” spot.

    This year, an ad featuring Paul Harvey “God Made a Farmer” was ripe for the picking…get it? Farmer…picking? Anyway…The Posse thought through exactly what reasons God would have to make a radio-based trivia contest. Reasons like:

    “I need someone strong enough to let 200 people, a nocturnal house band and a tribe of goats into their studios.”


    “I need someone who can recall ten different types of yarn and ten creative uses for string cheese, make a bong with an apple, a straw and a 3/16 inch socket and still have the strength to go on a Sconnie run Sunday morning.”

    On second thought, maybe God did not make trivia…

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  • GPO: Yip Yip Phone Slaves

    The Yip Yips decided to grace us with their presence this year.  They were even gracious enough to spend some time in the phone bank.  Unfortunately they weren’t always well received by some of the teams calling in answers. We had the full-time services of two voice actors, Phal and Bear.

    They kind of fell in-love with each other this weekend during their collaboration on Quotes from the Colon. This production was also well suited for their talents and they flapped their lips in glorious synchronicity.

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  • GPO: Major Digression (Clean)

    Everyone is familiar with Lonely Island for their original works of straight-faced comedic songs like “I Just Had Sex” and “Jack Sparrow”. The Hip Hop Division of The Goat Posse loves to spoof a spoof, because we never have an original thought. The HHD followed up their 2011 hit “I just had Corn” with “Major Digression” a rewrite of “Jack Sparrow”.

    The song opens with a trivia team about to begin as one of the members brings in his cousin who claims to be search engine whiz. As the contest progresses, its apparent that “new guy” is a email joke forwarding, FB sharing, youtube meandering putz and menace.

    Phal was behind the mic again on vocals, straining his epiglottis to create the Bolton approximation. Rhyminister and Dude returned to lay down some serious prose.

    They were joined by newcomer Skinny D whose bravado-laced words like: “Muthafuckin’ answer man, call me Nostradamus / Brain set to the max, I’m a Trivia alumnus,” hurled forth in a nimble staccato, made the man Goats trot and the lady Goats twirl

    Number 2 was brought back again to master the track and was assisted by Pokéjohn. Often these productions are begun after 11 p.m. on the first night of Trivia. By the time principal recording is finished its 5 a.m. and Number 2 is known to remain for another three to four hours to finish the production while most of the herd sleeps.

    So if you know a member of your team that has said this before: “Hundreds of cat pics, there’s just so many / Isn’t it funny their fur grew like that?” you may have been a victim of a Major Digression.

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  • GPO: Major Digression

    The Goat Posse holds nothing back, except when it might get KVSC in trouble if its heard on the airwaves. So while the clean version was aired during Trivia, we have made available our unadulterated version here. While we stand by our masterpiece; there are so many twists and turns in the lyrics, we have presented the script here so you won’t miss each example of the frustrating time suck known as a Major Digression.


    DUDE: Hey! Come on in guys! Check out the new and improved Trivia team headquarters.
    THE RHYMINISTER: Whoa—impressive setup! Ready to kick ass this year?
    DUDE: Damn right!
    SKINNY D: Yeah, this is great! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for the last two months!
    Oh, hey, and I brought along some more help. This is my cousin—he’s a total search engine wiz. I figure he’ll really give us the edge we need.
    PHAL: Hi, guys…thanks for having me.
    THE RHYMINISTER: So, you’re fast at researching info online?
    PHAL: Yeah, I browse for random stuff all the time.
    DUDE: Perfect! I got a station set up for you right over here. The competition will be starting soon, so let’s all take our places. Are we all set?
    SKINNY D: Let’s do this!
    THE RHYMINISTER: Bring it on!
    DUDE: Boys, let’s get to it… Here we go.
    DUDE: Uh, uh…Trivia starts now.
    PHAL: Yeeeeaah!
    DUDE: We’re back in the Cloud and about to get loud. Trivia starts now…

    DUDE: Trivia starts now and we’re suitin’ up / Powerin’ on the PCs and they’re bootin’ up
    PHAL: Bootin’ up!
    DUDE: Diggin’ through the ‘fridgerator and we’re lootin’ up
    PHAL: Yeah…come on!
    DUDE: And we’re hopin’ this year that we ain’t gonna suck
    THE RHYMINISTER: Gettin’ shifty-eyed as we scan all the screens / Twitchin’ with excitement as we down the caffeine
    PHAL: Yeah, yeah!
    THE RHYMINISTER: Hate to complain, Question Three’s got me stuck / Need some help quick or we’re shit out of luck
    PHAL: Hey, check this out! This cat looks like Hitler! / Such as great ‘stache; that is, for a cat
    DUDE: What?!
    PHAL: Hundreds of cat pics, there’s just so many / Isn’t it funny their fur grew like that?
    SKINNY D: Yeah, that was kinda weird but we’re back in the race / Rackin’ up the points, we’re in 55th place
    PHAL: Go Team Catler!
    SKINNY D: Muthafuckin’ answer man, call me Nostradamus / Brain set to the max, I’m a Trivia alumnus
    PHAL: Cute kittens!
    DUDE: Watch it girl, ‘cause I ain’t your “Wimpy Guess Guy” / More the like the “Know It, One Call, and Answer Twice Guy”
    PHAL: Yeah, yeah!
    DUDE: After Hour 34, headin’ for the Top Ten / Startin’ to feel crazy ‘cause I’m crashin’ hard again
    PHAL: Now time for some YouTube! / I just found this new one, an Asian man dancing
    DUDE: Noooooo!
    PHAL: Crossing his wrists and stomping the floor / He’s galloping around
    THE RHYMINISTER: Yeah, uh huh…
    PHAL: In different colored jackets
    PHAL: And look what’s behind that elevator door!
    SKINNY D: Yeah, we’ve seen the vid.
    DUDE: Knock it off over there! Act like you care…come on
    PHAL: Match dot com!
    DUDE: What?!
    PHAL: Smoking Gun!
    DUDE: Noooooo!
    THE RHYMINISTER: From the front to back say we score snacks, come on
    PHAL: Spotify!
    PHAL: Overstock!
    SKINNY D: Listen, cousin, we’re really gonna need you to focus up!
    PHAL: Roger that, let me try it with another site!
    DUDE: Wait…
    PHAL: Searching Google Earth, you can see our team headquarters
    DUDE: Not better!
    PHAL: Here’s David at the dentist, man that kid is high
    SKINNY D: Come on!
    PHAL: OK, then here on Pinterest, that recipe looks tasty
    THE RHYMINISTER: Noooo, God!
    PHAL: No way—see what these two girls are doing with that cup!
    DUDE: I give up!
    PHAL: (spoken) Wow, that is totally disgusting but I can’t stop watching…
    (singing) This here is the best site with nothing but fetish / Only one dollar for a two-day review
    THE RHYMINISTER: I’m going home…
    PHAL: Full HD format, adjustable angles / Let’s start downloading, before membership expires!
    THE RHYMINISTER: Dude, your cousin is a total mouthbreather.
    PHAL: Trivia is awesome!
    DUDE: Yup, yeah, I think we’re done…would you make sure to clear the browser history when you’re finished?

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